Sunday, 16 November 2014

Become a Characterless Designer

It depends on the will and purposes, become a designer like what .. ??
Designer who always make design based on orders. or designers are always creating something new.

If you want be a designer like in general, the design work orders according to the demand of consumers, I think the education you get from school or college may be enough to finish it. But if you want is to be a designer creator of something new and unique, then you need to seek additional knowledge out there.

Due to the unique design of new and must have strong character and distinctive, unusual, is not enough just to good judgment.

Maybe I was the one that would lead you to be unusual, and I will not be satisfied to see the results of your work are just great.

In an art lesson this time I will invite you to come out of the box that has been made is not free to move.
So that makes you become too cautious, always afraid ugly,
fear of ridicule, fear undervalued, fear of not being recognized by the surroundings, despite the fact that a lot of potential in you that has not been realized.

Situations like that are not intentionally desired, but most designers feel like it is because they have not found what best suited for him, and a few others are reluctant to face the consequences of this process.

process to find and determine the character of a strong symbol can be a very difficult job, because to start it all has to start from the understanding attitude of personality, mental and spiritual. if it finds it difficult for this process then you need the help of someone who is out for this lesson.

Make a design with different characters and has a characteristic strong enough not only to distinguish the color, make different shapes of design elements, or simply by differentiating the type of material only.

You can become a designer who created a design that is very different and unique character just by utilizing the tools are limited, so even without a label everyone will easily recognize the design of your creation.
Because only you are the only designer who can design a style like that.

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What is the meaning of art by edpeny

Before we continue with the lesson of the art design, we should know what is the meaning of art by edpeny.

Art can be defined as something that is appropriate or not, comfortable or uncomfortable, good or bad, art can also be a means to convey a sense, stories, imagination, personality, or experience. Art becomes a means to realize the imagination and feelings into tangible form as aesthetic appearance. Art would be more fun if realized through the process of designing, structuring, processing, or settings. Millions of even an infinite number of types and kinds of art are performed can we meet in life, sound art, art forms, art movement, color art, art taste, or other arts. Art can be a means of interaction with the environment, sharing spiritual experiences with a lot of people without having to know each other. Art is synonymous with beauty, but now the idea of "beauty" itself becomes very wide and varied. Along with the times, the assumption "beautiful" tend to alter the sense that art does not have to look pretty. Now the meaning of art is more to the emotional honesty and intellectual exploration of the experiences that come in life and fantasy. Sometimes only in passing as spills, splashes, or spontaneity scratches as meaningless and vague. But behind it all is a lot of stories and meanings are very attractive for life. We need to know that art is never separated from everyday life, as a human being created along with the intellect and mind and have more capabilities than any other creature of his creation, the human being is able to design the function and beauty into an amazing combination, such as the obligation to cover taboo and also as a cultural form of social interaction, because then people can live a civilized, respectful, appreciative and certainly can distinguish humans from other beings.

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Wednesday, 5 November 2014

What features of this school so you have to follow

Now it was time to start opening the online art and design schools for free.

But first I'll tell you a little about me and also about what the school is a privilege that you have to follow the free online art school design here.

About Me, I'm not a famous person and terrific as the world's top designers. I am also not a master of art in drawing, painting or making design.

Nonetheless, I was eager to share what I've achieved until now.

The achievement was obtained from during my career as a freelance designer for 15 years, and other experience gained also for managing a small design studio in which there are 20 designers.

Sunday, 5 October 2014

Pursuing a good Career and Education in Arts and Design

When interested in pursuing a good career in Arts and Design school, there are many things to consider. There are many different art and design programs that you can go for in this day and age. Back then, it used to be difficult to make a good career in the arts, but now everything has changed; there are so many mediums and so many skilled trades to work in. But now, if you want to be a professional in arts and design, you need to be educated first, for more professionalism to your work. That means attending an art and design school.

So, if you have made up your mind to attend a graphic art school, you will have no problem locating numerous choices, but it is advisable to spend some time in considering all the options and finding the right design art school for your goal, needs and also your budget. Enrolling into the right program can be difficult sometimes, but if you want to take the right steps towards the career of your dreams, it is necessary to take the time to do the right thing. Meaning you have to consider if you are pursuing a degree, certificate or diploma; whether you want to go for the part-time or full time basis; and what areas of specialization attracts you.

Choose the Best Design Schools in the World

Choose the Best Design Schools in the World, by being in the best design schools will motivate all students to learn and seek the appropriate predicate that school.

A good place tends to create a good atmosphere, as well as a good school always graduated students with good grades and rankings.
The best school certainly has the means and methods of learning are good, with the best teachers, the best courses, and supported by classrooms and learning facilities are good.

Students studying in the best schools not only get a quality science, but graduate students will have easy access to a career or looking for work.

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